photo by: Beth Power

photo by: Beth Power


3459 Ringsby Ct. (See map below)

We started out as more of a social experiment about five years ago, serving coffee made one cup at a time without the availability of cream or sugar. We found that (somewhat to our surprise) people were not only adventurous enough to try it, but permanently converted to drinking good coffee black. 

The key to what we do is finding good coffee. This is what we're best at: finding the best coffees from the best roasters and serving it how it was meant to be: black. 

Not into black coffee? Try it from us. We do our very best to hire and train the best baristas in the country. What does this mean? We don't make bitter coffee. 

If you still find yourself hesitant, not to worry! We still have common espresso/milk drinks that you'll find lovely. 

Our vision for the cafe/lab is multi-dimensional: We firstly want to create an accessible environment for people to enjoy great coffee and conversation daily. In the cafe, open Monday through Friday 7-3, we'll serve the world's best, most progressive roasters, hand-picked through hours and hours of tasting, along with foods that give life. Our aim is to create an experience that will get people more intimate with their coffee, as well as facilitate approachability with your barista and kitchen staff. We love questions, so don't be afraid to ask. Our staff of baristas and cooks will be knowledgeable about every facet of every coffee and food we serve, from farm conditions to elevation to taste descriptors.  



Joshua McNeilly


Monday - Friday 7-3 




We are located in the Taxi development, inside the building called Drive 1.