Why we want you to throw away your Christmas presents, drink less coffee, and listen to Aretha Franklin



Coffee is a beautiful drink. We all know that. Though there are different preparations and presentations of the glorious beverage, we all agree on one thing: there's no better way to ease into the busy day than to drink black a coffee crafted by you or a seasoned veteran. But what has happened to coffee these days? Its corporately taken over, bitter, and empty of meaning. 

Enter: hand-crafted coffee, a few of the right tools to grind and brew, and a lovely therapeutic routine. 

Coffee deserves respect. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. After all, it does award you with creativity, brilliance, and joy. Why wouldn't you respect it?  And what would you do without it? You'd die a sad, early death, that's what. 

So do yourself a favor: return your $200 "coffee" maker that can't make coffee better than a handless 7-year-old, and invest in the following: a burr grinder, a pourover, aeropress, or chemex, and coffee sourced and roasted by a local craftsmen. 

We know your freshly-roasted coffee costs more, but don't you think there's a reason for that? All coffees are not equal. Coffee grown well is far more time-intensive than commodity-grade crud. So, pay the price and rest easy that farmers were paid almost what they deserve, and enjoy this defect-free gold. Even if you have to drink less to afford it, what are you losing out on? Its not like drinking 6 cups a day is healthy. 1-3 however, yes. After all, its still a beverage that takes just as much work to produce as wine, selling at a fraction of the price of wine. So feel better about yourself, your farmers, your baristas, and enjoy good coffee from good people who care about its presentation. 

Find a barista who can talk you through what you're drinking, who can answer your many questions about coffee, who is willing to tell you their recipes and techniques to the proper cup. You'll be glad you did.