Iced Coffee Primer

A drip of sweat slowly appears on your brow, and you’re angry and you don’t know why. Enter iced coffee, your sanity in a world gone mad. But what do I order again? Cold cold press, iced coffee…uhhh maybe I shouldn’t be here. I’m here to say relax. I’ve got your lingo lessons on a seemingly complex topic of cold coffee. 


Let’s talk about a few terms:


Iced coffee: The blanket term of anything to do with ice and coffee in a cup. Boom. 

Cold Brew: Coffee that is brewed with cold water over a longer period of time than hot coffee. This isn’t so hard, is it?

Slow Drip: Iced coffee, or more specifically cold-brewed coffee brewed in a process of 8-24 hours slowly dripping water over a bed of coffee grounds. Very tasty compared to full immersion cold brew, but with a more syrupy texture. 

Full Immersion Cold Brew: Coffee grounds tied in a bag and steeped for 8-24 hours in cold water. You can also brew coffee this way in a French press which is the easiest way to go at home. 

Japanese-style iced coffee, aka flash-brewed coffee: Iced coffee brewed with hot water directly over ice. Delicious and syrupy and easy to do at home. 


That’s it! You now have a better lexicon for use in impressing your friends or not looking like a noob at your local shop. Go ahead, try them all and get rid of all that pent-up summer anger.